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This is a growing resources page where I am happy to share links to websites, publications, blogs and resources that are useful for creative professionals, artists, researchers, lawyers and creators. If you would like to suggest your work as a link or resource please do reach out using the contact details provided on this site. 

Songtrust is an international publishing administrator that works with songwriters across genres. Their blog and resources offer many helpful tips and explanations on the workings of the music business, music publishings and songwriter royalties.


The Global Music Institute or GMI is India’s leading contemporary music institutes offering innovative programs to emerging musicians. GMI regularly organises workshops, trainings and shares resources by way of the GMI blog.


The Art Newspaper is an online and print publication that covers the international art world. In addition to the news, it publishes reviews and commentary by major players in the art scene.


Artists at Risk Connection (ARC) is a program of PEN America, that safeguards the right to artistic freedom of expression and ensures that artists and cultural professionals everywhere can live and work without fear. It shares several resources including a free downloadable Safety Guide for Artists (available in French, English and Spanish)


The official website of the Copyright office of the Government of India. They provide manuals and instructions on how to apply for a copyright registration online and offline. 


Contracts for is a digital tool devised by Ayesha Kapadia, Mihir Joshi and myself, to provide artists and creative professionals with easy to understand, free and customisable contract templates. 


The Screenwriters Association (SWA, formerly Film Writers' Association is a trade union for screenwriters and lyricists who work for Films, TV and Digital Media in India. The link takes you directly to their downloads section where you can download contract templates. Look for their model NDA and documents marked with MBC (model contracts).

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In this page, you can find a collection of free downloadable resources that I have created to help streamline and clarify challenging legal concerns for artists and creative professionals, as well as tools to help check in with your creative entrepreneurial wellbeing. 

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