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Contracts & Negotiations


Contracts are the lifeblood of the creative economy and its subsets i.e the music business, the film industry, creator economy, publishing and design industry. You are only as strong as your contract – which is why you need the best counsel to advise you and advocate for your interests.


 Whether it’s creating a system of agreements, drafting a custom contract or making sure you are being offered the best terms by your client or collaborator, Artistik License can provide you with the necessary support and market know-how to help you make the best choices for your creative career

Legal Consulting


Whether you're a creative entrepreneur, experienced artist or creative business owner, you may have questions that you would like to clarify before taking the next step. The answers to these questions can inform your decisions on offers to scale, partner or monetise your intellectual property, and leave you knowing you've made the best possible move for yourself and your creative endeavours. 

Artistik License offers specialised consulting on issues related to music law, copyright law, contracts, illustration x design law, digital rights, and other facets of the entertainment business, creative and creator economy. Appointments with Manojna can be scheduled as per mutual convenience.

Retainer Relationships


As an emerging or experienced creative professional, you may find yourself in need of sustained legal counsel to assist with your career, business or a specific project. At Artistik License, you can find the support you require in a model that accommodates your needs and interests.

Artistik License offers short term and long term retainer relationships tailored to suit your unique business and legal needs. Retainer relationships also allow Manojna to leverage her decade long experience with the industry to allow for an exchange of impactful connections and market knowledge with retainer clients.

Policies & Processes


Encouraging and articulating accountability is critical to ensuring a healthy, fair and inclusive creative economy. As creative businesses or art collectives, you may be keen to develop a set of internal guidelines to communicate the kinds of conduct and values that are core to the smooth functioning of your work, as well as consistent with nurturing a safe space for your collaborators, employees, consultants and interns.

Artistik License offers drafting and consultation services where you will be hand held through the process of developing your handbooks and internal policies. You are provided with the knowledge of essential compliances, best practices, statutory requirements in language that is easily understood and drafted to seamlessly fit into your value system and aesthetic force.

Workshops & Training


Artistik License runs with the core mission of empowering artists by demystifying industry jargon and knowledge. AL workshops and training sessions are designed to be interactive learning experiences, filled with contextually relevant case studies and anecdotes.


Manojna is also experienced in designing and conceptualising short courses for students and creative professionals. Artistik License workshops, trainings and programs focus on subjects such as copyright law, artist and freelancer rights, music industry law, art law, intangible cultural heritage and artistic freedom.


If you are a school, a not-for-profit, a cultural organisation, a venue, or a collective of interested individuals, do feel free to reach out to work out a model that suits your requirements. 

Illustrative Clients and Work that AL has undertaken thus far

  • Represented and negotiated client's interests in leading music, brand and sync licensing deals

  • Negotiated and closed client's recording contracts and publishing deals with leading international labels x publishers (genres: jazz, electronic, pop, hip-hop)

  • Represented and advised client's interests in international visual arts fairs, brand and art licensing deals 

  • Advised and represented client's interests in Art NFT transactions in the marketplace

  • Drafted contracts, advised and streamlined legal affairs for clients (management agencies, talent agencies, dance and movement art presenters/agencies, 360 rights modelled agencies)

  • Streamlined and established legal processes for UK and US based independent music labels and independent dance companies (South Asia diaspora) 

  • Represented and negotiated client's interests in international book publishing deals, safeguarding writers and illustrator's revenue and IP

  • Long term advisory for South Asian independent music festival (post pandemic IRL) and regional creative partnerships

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