Our services are designed to help artists, content curators and creative stakeholders make informed decisions with respect to their work.


We aim to achieve this by providing support that can take the form of creating well-articulated contracts, reviewing or renegotiating terms, helping you protect your work, and facilitating workshops or courses to coach the next generation of creative entrepreneurs.

contracts & negotiations

Contracts are indispensable to modern day business. Whether it’s creating a system of agreements, or making sure you are being offered the best terms, we provide you with the necessary skills and market know-how to help you make the right choices.


We offer customisable solutions and packages to address your needs.


Being in the business of creating content and intellectual property, you might find yourself being exposed to the threats of plagiarism, copying, and misappropriation. 


Whether you are building content or a brand, we offer you the ability to protect your hard work, through copyright and trademark registrations, facilitated by our trusted partner. 


We understand that your need for good counsel, may not always fit the traditional parameters of engaging with a consultant. 

Enter 'Capsule Consulting', a unique service where we provide you with the opportunity to consult with us for a specific two-week period, adopting an approach that is equal parts economical and efficient. 


Information is power. We believe in empowering artists by demystifying knowledge. Our workshops and knowledge sessions are designed to be interactive learning experiences, filled with contextually relevant case studies and anecdotes. We also have experience designing and conceptualising short courses for students and young creative professionals. If you are a school, a not-for-profit, a cultural organisation, a venue, or a group of interested individuals, do feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to work out a model that suits your requirements. 

Illustrative Clients and Work

  • Negotiated and closed a deal for our clients (band) with a leading digital streaming service, and audio-visual content distributor.

  • Advised and drafted agreements for our client (musician/composer/producer) with respect to an album he produced featuring folk and indigenous artists.

  • Negotiated and closed recording and publishing deal for our client (musician/composer) with a leading German label.

  • Negotiated, drafted and closed publishing deal for our client (illustrator) with a leading publishing house, ensuring that our client retained the majority of rights over her original work.

  • Worked on multiple projects and deals for our client (independent publishing and media house).

  • Worked to advise, draft and streamline the legal requirements of our client (independent media house producing short form, long form and curated content). 

  • Negotiated, and closed agreements between our client (musician/composer), the label and producer, who had engaged our client.

  • Advised and re-negotiated teaching engagement for our client (choreographer/ classical dancer). 

  • Renegotiated and drafted agreements for our client (actor) with a production house.


Our aim is to provide you with services that are personalised, affordable, accessible and fuss-free. In keeping with this, we are always trying to work on bringing you simple and innovative solutions and offerings. 


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