Artistik License is focussed on its mission to adequately represent artists, in conversations with policy makers and stakeholders in the global cultural industry. To this end, we are always open to engaging in partnerships with organisations and individuals working towards improving and strengthening the creative community. Please do reach out to us if you have ideas or suggestions. We are currently working on the following projects:

In July 2018, Manojna set out to undertake an experiment. For a whole month, she offered to provide creative professionals, artists and content creators, legal counsel in exchange for a cup of coffee, to be shared whenever and wherever they would meet next. The idea seemed simple, and focused on (a) creating a real connection that was based on mutual respect for each other’s professional experience; and (b) removing the first hurdle towards accessing specialized legal counsel by making it affordable and approachable. The experiment was successful in that it led to a number of interesting connections, along with revealing insights into how the creative community perceives legal counsel. 

You can read about the project here, and here. We are going to continue the efforts, and are working on different models. 

Creatively Feminist:

This social media and mixed media project aims at exploring feminism in the context of creative industries. We seek to understand how notions of identity, gender, orientation and sexuality are represented in the performing and fine arts. We also hope to have a more comprehensive insight into feminism and equal opportunity in creative professions, by engaging with stakeholders and artists from a diverse range of disciplines such as music, design, theatre, literature and production, to name a few. You can follow, and participate in it by following the hashtag 'creativelyfeminist' i.e #creativelyfeminist

Artists' Corner:

Launched in April 2017, Artists’ Corner is a series of panel discussions that aims to create a dialogue between members of the creative community, with a strong focus on professional and cultural issues. We hope to make these discussions fruitful, and useful to the panellists, the attendees and the entire community.  A year-end report on the problems identified and solutions suggested will be collated, and we will then take steps to publish this report and initiate change within legal circles as well as within creative communities. This is a pan-India project that we are deeply passionate about.

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