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Creative Tool box

A "living" list of links to helpful resources and tools for artists, creative and cultural practitioners.

  • Songtrust Resource Centre: Songtrust is an international publishing administrator that works with songwriters across genres. Their blog and resources offer many helpful tips and explanations on the workings of the music business, music publishings and songwriter royalties. 

  • The Art Newspaper: The Art Newspaper is an online and print publication that covers the international art world. In addition to the news, it publishes reviews and commentary by major players in the art scene.

  • Contracts for Creators: Contracts for is a digital tool devised by Ayesha Kapadia, Mihir Joshi and myself, to provide artists and creative professionals with easy to understand, free and customisable contract templates. 

  • Screenwriters Association of India: The Screenwriters Association (SWA, formerly Film Writers' Association is a trade union for screenwriters and lyricists who work for Films, TV and Digital Media in India. The link takes you directly to their downloads section where you can download contract templates. Look for their model NDA and documents marked with MBC (model contracts)

  • IPRMENT LAW: IPRMENTLAW is a blog sharing legal knowledge, updates, judgement summaries and posts related to Intellectual Property Rights, Media and Entertainment industries in India.

  • Artists at Risk Connection: Artists at Risk Connection (ARC) is an initiative dedicated to assisting imperiled artists and fortifying the networks and organizations that support them. It shares several resources including a free downloadable Safety Guide for Artists. If you or someone you know is an at-risk artist, please contact ARC.

  • The Yada Yada Collective: A collective for Indian freelance artists (illustration and design). Shares valuable resources and data related to pricing and income, obtained through comprehensive survey exercises. 

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