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Community and Resources

Artistik License was founded with the initial intention of being a tool and resource for the creative community in India. A decade later, AL has become home to numerous community projects and initiatives focussed on encouraging an honest exchange of information in the creative ecosystem. In addition to the initiatives and projects below, Manojna is always open to engaging in collaborative partnerships with organisations, collectives and individuals who are working towards improving and strengthening the creative community. You can always get in touch with Manojna directly or reach out using the contact details below.

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Coffee for Contracts

Coffee for Contracts is an annual campaign, where for the entire month of July, Manojna offers legal consultations to artists, creators and creative professionals in exchange for a conversation over coffee. 


Running since 2018, this project is an effort to bridge the artistic community with legal resources, in a manner that is approachable, accessible and respectful.


The Creative Spark

Not your ordinary company newsletter, The Creative Spark is a collection of resources, anecdotes and stories for artists and professionals engaging with the creative x cultural landscape of South Asia and South East Asia. Written by Manojna.

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The Artists' Corner

Originally launched in 2017, Artists' Corner was a project conceptualised with the intention of sparking dialogue on critical legal and business issues within and between creative ecosystems in different cities in India. After a brief pause, this project returns in its virtual avatar in the hopes of creating more accessible and inclusive exchange between creative stakeholders in South and Southeast Asia. Through panel discussions and interactive formats, The Artists' Corner seeks to create safe spaces where creative practitioners can explore subjects of socio-economic and political significance, and their intersections with race, gender, ethnicity and more.


Probono Legal Support

Manojna offers probono legal support to select artist collectives and not-for-profit organisations working with the creative community. If you would like to know more, please email

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In this page, you can find a collection of free downloadable resources that I have created to help streamline and clarify challenging legal concerns for artists and creative professionals, as well as tools to help check in with your creative entrepreneurial wellbeing. 

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