Cogito For Contracts

Trading thoughts in the business of creativity

What is Cogito for Contracts?

Cogito for Contracts is a series of online discussions intending to facilitate conversations between different stakeholders working with the independent music and art scene in India. Curated to be contemporary and insightful, this project aims to foster an exchange of thoughts, information and strategies that are of critical importance to creative professionals today, with a heavy emphasis on having conversations that are real and representative of the artists, creators and professional members of the creative community.

Why start this project?

Inspired by the 2020 edition of our annual project Coffee for Contracts, this series is our attempt at a response to the growing curiosity of creative professionals, seeking realistic advice and honest perspectives on the entrepreneurial and business challenges facing the independent Indian creative community.

Conversations around the business of creativity are often viewed from the lens of marketing, income strategies and industry standards, with next to no emphasis on issues of representation, socio-economic sustainability, justice, creator rights and integrity, leading to a myopic understanding of what it’s like to actually work in the scene – we want to change that, by listening to the experiences and inputs of those around us.

So how does Cogito for Contracts work?

Whether in the form of panel discussions or interviews, Cogito for Contracts will feature virtual conversations live streamed and open for comments via our facebook page.

Links to these episodic discussions can be found below:

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Slicing the Pie: The economics of collaborations in the indie music scene

Drawing on their experiences working with the independent music scene, our four panelists Gaurav Basu, Kavya Trehan, Tarun Balani and Suyash Gabriel answer questions about the professional realities of collaborative projects, and the related economic challenges they see as musicians and artists, engaging with the music industry. Digging into questions of ownership, contracts, creative direction and revenue, each of our panelists also invite a special guest to join in on this discussion, that’s bound to be revealing to creative professionals, young and experienced alike.