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Coffee For Contracts

In July 2018, Manojna decided to conduct an experiment – for a whole month, she offered to provide creative professionals, artists and content creators, legal counsel in exchange for a cup of coffee, to be shared whenever and wherever they would meet next. The idea seemed simple, and focused on
(a) creating a real connection that was based on mutual respect for each other’s professional experience 

(b) and removing the first hurdle towards accessing specialized legal counsel by making it affordable and approachable.


The experiment was successful in that it led to a number of interesting connections, along with revealing insights into how the creative community perceives legal counsel. 

#coffeeforcontracts continues

Making legal counsel accessible

If you're a creative professional or artist looking to connect for some friendly help with a legal query or contract, go ahead and send an email with the subject line 'Coffee for Contracts'. And be sure to spread the word about this using #coffeeforcontracts


  1. The project only applies to queries received starting July 1 2020 and ending July 31, 2020. You can email us on mailus@artistiklicense.org with the subject line #coffeeforcontracts.

  2. This extends to legal consulting and a basic review of any contract you'd like eyeballs on. The project does not include drafting work, negotiations and representation.

  3. Depending on the nature of the query, it is left to our discretion whether we will be able to respond to your concern or not, so please be mindful.

  4. Please manage your expectations since this is a community based project and not one intended for any monetary gain. If you have an ongoing engagement with us, then we are sorry but this project does not extend to you.

  5. We will maintain complete confidentiality, but please know that this project does not create a lawyer-client relationship between us. 

  6. Spread the word! And please be open to a phone call or a video call, because the intention of this project is to CREATE CONNECTIONS!

  7. If you've learnt something new because of this project or would like to share an interesting piece of business or legal know-how, please be sure to tag your social media post with #coffeeforcontracts so that we can create a library of resources.

  8. For more engagement, please head on over to our social media accounts particularly instagram.

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